lauantai 11. kesäkuuta 2016

Future of shipbuilding

Here are some intersting technologies that can be used in shipbuilding in the future. These technologies ensure ship building and cruising can be even more ecological and cost-efficient in the future. For example, ships can be lighter and they could use renewable energy sources.

One cool idea I have is to take the ecosystem of the ocean and caribbean countries into account. There are already parks in some ships. Could the species living in the water and in the islands benefit from cruise ships sailing by? That's definitely a topic worth exploring.

perjantai 10. kesäkuuta 2016

Augmented reality in cruise ship?

As cruise ships are a pretty isolated environment, I think augmented reality technology could be ideal for cruises. Also the timetables of the cruises are pretty strict. These two factors make it possible to include an 'augmented reality adventure' on a cruise. During certain times of the cruise and in certain locations there could be augmented reality events that can be found using an app in the phone. The events would provide something extra for people of all ages but they wouldn't be of course mandatory.

How can the internet of things be used on a cruise? I think it works the best when people won't actually realise there's machine to machine communication. The technology can simply be used to ensure everything is running smoothly and the passengers don't need to worry about anything.

These two technologies would provide the customers something extra to enjoy during the cruise and also a sense of everything going on as planned. As for storytelling, augmented reality can be a powerful tool to convey messages. However, it can't replace current models as some people won't probably want to use the technology. I would go with traditional ways to offer information like signs and crew members providing all the necessary information.


Mikko, Finnish, 29 years old
Mikko works in a Finnish IT company as a web developer. He has 4-6 weeks of hoiday in the summer and he spends part of it abroad on a relaxing holiday, preferably in sunny and warm places where he can just lie down. Mikko is a simple man who likes his job. He also has a wife and two little children. Mikko wants to take care of his family and provide them a good, steady way of living.

Laura, Finnish, 19 years old
Laura is enjoying her gap year after graduating from high school. She’s currently working in a local supermarket, earning some money. The pay is not good but she’s living with her parents so she can save a lot of money. Laura wants to travel a lot while she’s still young so she’s going abroad to travel around America with her friend for a long time. In the future she wants to study economics in a university but now it’s all about getting new experiences.

Walter, English, 50 years old
Walter has been living for almost all of his life in England but, after turning 50 he decides to go on a big trip around the world. He has been living a modest life as a banker, earning a significant amount of money in the process. Now it’s time to spend that money and he’ll be hoping to have a wonderful trip where he can hopefully find a new wife as well (he’s divorced).

Rose, American, 35 years old

Rose works as a nurse in an American hospital. She and her fellow nurse friends have long been planning to take a long holiday without their families. Rose is normally always thinking the best of her family first but is now feeling she has earned some quality time apart from them. She’s hoping to come back refreshed to continue her ideal family life in a lovely and peaceful suburb.

keskiviikko 8. kesäkuuta 2016

PEST analysis

Here's my PEST analysis. I hope you enjoy it.

Caribbean cruises are currently quite normal and popular so the caribbean countries are quite used to it. In fact they rely on heavily on tourism.
As countries are quite positive about the cruises there's a chance to expand cruise options by including more countries and arranging more cruises.
It is possible that the countries will stop supporting the cruises if for example economical problems arise or if the climate change affects cruising.
The tourism created by cruises only increases the economy in the Caribbean countries. As for the passengers, there will always be people ready to invest in a Caribbean cruise.
There's opportunity to keep arranging cruises as it promotes the economy.
Of course if current economy declines, there may not be enough paying customers.
I would say the impact on this field is quite minimal since Caribbean cruises are nowadays so usual anyway. I also see the audience taking Caribbean cruises quite wide so any change in the structure of population isn't likely to change dramatically the number of people taking a cruise.
There seems to be stability meaning it's safe to develop and invest in Caribbean cruises even more.
New ways to travel may mean there's more competition for Caribbean cruises.
Technologies are constantly being developed and some of them can surely be implemented in ships to make travelling more safe and economically friendly.
Using new technologies can make cruising more cost-efficient while saving the environment.
It's never completely guaranteed the new technologies will work as planned.

Some interesting articles

Hey all!

I did some research and found this cool article about shipbuilding.

I found especially buckypaper being a really impressive way of building more lighter, energy efficient ships. Hopefully these new technologies will make cruising more sustainable! For me a more ecological way of traveling would be an immediate plus point in taking a vacation.

Here's also an interesting piece (albeit short one) about combining business and leisure:

I wonder if some cruises could be arranged based on this idea of people working during a cruise but also having a few days' vacation. If so how could we improve that experience and how would the trip be set up?


Hello everyone!

I'm starting with the tasks a little late but better late than never. My name is Niko Tammisto and I'm studying IT in Turku University of Applied Sciences. I'm from Finland so taking part in this course was super easy for me as I already live in Turku. I like all kinds of sports, especially football! I'm also interested in a healthy lifestyle and making good food. I also enjoy educating myself by reading books, traveling, watching movies and of course studying.

I'm looking forward to getting started with the course and getting to meet all of you!